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Novel Carbon Black-Halloysite Nanotube Reinforced NBR-PVC Hybrid Oil Seals for Automotive Applications

[ Vol. 11 , Issue. 2 ]


K. Senthilvel and B. Prabu*   Pages 83 - 90 ( 8 )


Background: The current scenario requires the rubber industries to develop cheaper and environmentally friendly fillers as an alternative to the conventionally used carbon black filler.

Objective: This study aims at developing new NBR/PVC oil seals for automotive applications using CB-HNT hybrid fillers.

Method: In various patents, FESEM and XRD were used to study the microstructure of the samples. Tensile and tear tests were conducted by using a universal testing Machine. Hardness and compression set were studied using shore a hardness tester and compression set. Thermogravimetric analysis is used to evaluate the thermal stability of the samples.

Results: The tensile strength, elongation at break, 100% modulus, tear strength and swelling resistance of the NBR/PVC hybrid nanocomposites are increased by 12.87%, 13.91 %, 14.65%, 33.58%, and 25.9 %, respectively compared to the conventional composites. Hardness and compression set of the nanocomposites had improved significantly. Incorporation of HNT in carbon black filled NBR/PVC composites improved the thermal stability with an increment of 4.42 °C in the maximum degradation temperature. XRD and FESEM studies reveal the intercalation of NBR/PVC chains, CB and other ingredients into the HNT galleries and formation of intercalated structures.

Conclusion: The results demonstrate that the synergistic effect of CB-HNT hybrid fillers, improved NBR/PVC-CB-HNT interfacial interactions and formation of intercalated structures are believed to be responsible for the superior mechanical properties, swelling resistance and thermal stability of the NBR hybrid nanocomposites.


Oil seal, NBR/PVC, halloysite nanotube, intercalation, mechanical properties, thermal stability, carbon black, swelling resistance.


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Karaikal Polytechnic College, 609609 Karaikal, Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College, 605014 Pondicherry

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